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Top 10 Golf Grips Reviews

It’s that time of year again! We’re here to bring you our roundup of the Top 10 Golf Grips Reviews. 1) Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound Platinum The New Decade Multicompound was designed to offer two distinct performance advantages to each of a player’s hands. All Platinum series grips feature this technology with high performance rubber in […]

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The Effects Of Golf On Your Brain

Ever wonder WHY you feel great (or lousy) after a round of golf? We did some research and created this infographic to help illustrate our findings and The Effects Of Golf On Your Brain — enjoy! While there are generally good effects (as we would assume) that come from a game of golf on our […]

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The Importance Of Golf Swing Timing

Golf swing timing  No one refers to golf as a simple game. At the heart of this is perhaps the golf swing. A mysterious and complicated endeavor. What seems like a simple fluid movement is actually a complex and even dynamic set of movements that require precise timing and mechanics from the way we hold […]

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The Best Golf Grips

The golf grip is the only contact we have with the club so choosing the Best Golf Grips can be a challenge because of the many options available to us. The better players understand the importance of a correctly fitted grip and they continuously try to find the Best Golf Grips for their game. Traditional […]

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Customized Golf Clubs

What determines Good Golf Clubhead Design

Like anything else, Golf Clubhead design is directly related to customer acceptance and customer acceptance can be determined by functionality or looks. This is why some companies start with what they think will have the highest performance and then design the graphics of the club head around that premise.  In this case they are thinking […]

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Correct Lie Angle

What is The Correct Lie Angle in a Golf Club

The Correct Lie Angle is defined when the club is fitted. Golf clubs are usually fitted using a static process, which means they measure the distance from the floor to your wrist and determine what the length of the club should be, and subsequently the lie angle of the club is defined. I prefer to […]

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Aldila DVS 60 Graphite Shaft

For Sale Is a Brand New Aldila DVS 60 Graphite Shaft R flex 60 gms   This shaft is Brand New Aldila DVS 60 Graphite Shaft. Aldila has taken power to a new level and designed a shaft with extra kick at impact and very low torque. It is awesome. This is the shaft I […]

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By Joe Conde