Replace Golf Grips For better Accuracy and Control

Replace Golf Grips Most golfers do not realize how important it is to Replace Golf Grips and have golf grips that are in good condition. Golf as a sport requires one to have the tools and equipment that are in good condition all the time and this includes golf clubs. The grip in the golf clubs is the only part that you can hold. It is the one that you have a full control with. The grip in the golf club may worn out as time passes by. If this happens, you will not be able to hit the ball accurately. It is like having a bat for baseball coated with oil. It is very important that you choose the new golf grips so that you can play the sport well. Have junior golf sets for your own use.

The grip of the club is attached to the opposite end of the shaft from the clubhead, and is the part of the club the player holds on to while swinging. Originally, the grip was composed of one or more leather strips wrapped around the shaft. The leather outer wrap on a grip is still seen on some clubs, most commonly putters, but most modern grips are a one-piece “sleeve” made of rubber, synthetic or composite material that is slid over the shaft and secured with an adhesive. These sleeve grips allow clubmakers and golfers to customize the grip’s diameter, consistency (softness/firmness) and texturing pattern to best fit the player. Clubs with an outer “wrap” of leather or leather-like synthetic still typically have a “sleeve” form underneath to add diameter to the grip and give it its basic profile.

Of course, if you do a lot of practice on the range you should consider to Replace Golf Grips even more frequently. You could easily hit 30 shots with your driver in a range session. In a round of golf you may not use your driver more than 10 times. So one range session a week hitting 30 drives, would equate to 3 rounds a week, implying re-gripping 3 times a year.

Grip pressure is a sticky subject to write about. When talking about how much pressure to use when holding a club, the answer from most is usually a neutral grip. I have heard people swear that they play better golf using a strong grip. I would say that this is possible for some but I would not recommend it. Strong and weak grips are a common cause of slicing and should be avoided. Keep a neutral grip to ensure that you have the best opportunity to hit the ball straighter.

Whether you want to cure your slice or add some distance to your drive, Replace Golf Grips often as  a correct golf grip always comes into play. There are 3 grips used in golf and they are plastered all over the internet so I will not go into any detail on the basics of golf grips and head straight into the advanced bit.

Shiny grips are a problem. You have to grip the club harder when the grip is shiny so that it does not slip and turn in your hands as you take a swing. You may not even be aware you are doing it! The problem with gripping the golf club too hard is that it adversely affects the way you strike the ball. Your hands are simply not relaxed, and therefore, because the muscles in your hands and forearms are tense, they will slow down. In the golf swing, relaxed hands are fast hands. You need fast hands to get good distance.

By Joe Conde

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