Golf Club Fitting Know The Basics

Golf Club FittingGolf Club fitting can be a quick and easy way for you to improve your golf game. If you are looking for a driver, a hybrid or an entire set of irons, what questions should you ask to make sure you are happy with your club fitting for a new golf club or golf clubs? Your golf equipment is very personal choice for you and as long as your clubs work for you, that is all that matters. No matter your skill level, you must like the club head design when you take your set up. If you do not feel like you can make a good swing with a club, you probably will not. What else should you consider when looking for new golf equipment? Here are a few more ideas.

How do I find a qualified club fitter? I would retort with how do you find other professionals like doctors, dentists, etc.? Ask other fellow golfers, your friends and co-workers about experiences they had had good or bad. Also contact local golf shops and ask to speak to a qualified fitter. Ask him or her how the process of the club fitting will go and make sure you are comfortable with the professional. Once you have found your golf club fitter, it is important that you armed with the proper questions to ask your fitter. In addition, remember the fitter is there to help you so do not be afraid to ask any question you might have. The proper questions to ask prior to or during your club fitting are as follows:

Having a set of golf clubs that is properly fit for you is an easy way to improve your golf game. With the information in this article, you are well armed to find the correct fitter, how to become comfortable with your fitter and what questions to ask to insure you receive a proper fitting. You will be shooting lower scores with your new clubs very soon.

o What will happen during the club fitting session? How will the professional come to the final measurements for your new golf clubs? Before you leave the fitting session, make sure understand the logic the club fitter used to determine your final results.

If buying brand new, the store staff is one’s best friend. Beginners should be honest about their skill levels when shopping for golf clubs from taylormade rocketballz sale online. Store employees are trained to match clubs to people’s skill levels. Hence, by telling the truth, a person is assured of getting a right-fitting set of golf equipment.

True club fitting is actually a very involved process. There are a number of variables to consider between you and a club fitter with motion and equipment. When you find out golf is for you then you can go through the entire fitting process. Often times your local golf driving range will have “loaner” or rental  to use while at their facility. Many times a range attendant or professional will be on site to help you to pick out the proper club to try in your first encounter “whacking” golf balls.

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By Joe Conde

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