Custom Golf Shafts

Custom Golf ShaftsUnfortunately, you don’t see the attention given to custom golf shafts as you do for drivers, irons, and other clubs. But why? The golf shaft is one of the most underrated pieces of golf equipment in your bag. Yet the educated golfer truly understands that having the right shafts in his clubs means better performance.

Finding the best shaft for your game is not difficult and the payoff is huge — desirable trajectory, more distance and better control to name a few benefits. In essence using the best golf shaft for your game means playing better golf.

The shaft is the only thing between the club head and your hands that oh by the way, plays a huge role in the outcome of your ball trajectory, control, and distance. But just as the selection of a driver or irons for your game affects performance, selecting the right or wrong golf shaft will give similar results. The golf shaft needs to be tailored to your swing to fully benefit.

The steel golf shafts have the advantage of vibrations when hitting the ball which is desirable for the professionals. These use the vibrations to tell what they have done wrong in the swing. The disadvantage of the however is that the vibrations can sting if you have a chronic shoulder or hand problem they will also slow down the swing due to the weight. The graphite shafts will be lighter and give faster speeds. They also muffle any vibrations making them safe for people with injuries. They will however exaggerate errors if one that uses them is not good at controlling the swing. The can increase or reduce accuracy depending on the professional level.

The regular flex is used commonly by the average player. This will work for speeds of about 75mph to about 84mph. this will push the ball to about 240 yards or a little more. This is a perfect golf shaft for more control especially if you have a fast swing. The senior flex will work at about 60mph to about 75 ph. The drive distance will also range from 180 to 210 yards. These are designed to reduce the toll taken on the body with a swing. The ladies flex will have speeds of about 60mph. these are the slowest and the softest.

If you want to avoid giving your game the shaft, you need to understand the effect that shaft flex has on your game. “Flex” refers to the ability of a golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing.

Choosing the right golf flex will affect the quality of your game. The fact that Tiger Woods is a man of steel does not mean that you should go for the same. It is crucial to learn that every golfer has a signature when it comes to the best clubs for the game. It is important to found your strength when it comes to clubs. The purpose of the flex is helping the club to be square when hitting making it very important to have the right flex. Softer flex will help you manage your hits. Here are tips on how to choose the correct flex for a golf shaft to improve your game.

The good news is that the golf industry has made great strides in recent years developing age appropriate equipment for youth golfers. In years past, before junior golf shafts were available, parents made it a common practice to cut down an adult set of golf clubs for their kids. This is certainly an inexpensive way of creating a junior golf set, however it is not a good solution for several reasons.

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By Joe Conde

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