What Is The Correct Golf Grip Size For best Performance

Golf Grip SizeHow does golf grip size affect your game? To have a good consistent swing you need to be able to grip the club properly. An incorrect grip can affect your swing in a number of different ways, and the result is an erratic inconsistent ball flight.

The first thing to consider is the golf grip size.

If your grip is too small, you can easily bring your hands around too much on the follow through, which closes the club face and results in a left hook. On the other hand, if the grip is too large, it does not let your hands follow through properly, and usually causes an open club face with a resulting slice.

Golf has sufficient challenges without making it even more difficult. I am amazed how many club fitting “experts” recommend a golf grip size which is usually too large for the size of the hands, on the basis that you get a more “solid” grip. Nothing could be further from the truth. A grip which is too large can make your hands come loose at impact and result in a weak shot, where the ball slides out to the right.

There are grip gauges which can help to determine the right golf grip size. That is a good starting point, but at the end of the day, a good grip fitter can make a well informed assessment of the correct grip size for you, and give you a sound recommendation. If you are holding your golf club and someone can easily pull it out of your hands, then the golf grip size might be too small for you. The best option is to try out several clubs of similar characteristics with different golf grip sizes, and check the results. You will soon work out what feels more comfortable.

There is no need to have a death grip on the golf club, there is a need however to have a firm consistent grip which does not overly tense the forearm muscles, and allows you to coordinate the lower and upper body through your swing in a seamless effortless motion. Golf is a mental game, so your brain will confirm your findings, and the right golf grip size will give you the confidence for a smooth powerful swing.

Many amateur golfers tend to choke the golf club. The reasoning behind it is that that if you squeeze the grip hard, you will hit the ball further. In reality too strong a grip tenses the muscles in your arms and hinders a smooth follow through, resulting in a loss of distance and accuracy.

You want to be able to grip the club firmly, while keeping your arms relaxed. Only put enough pressure on it to keep it from sliding around in your hands. If you are not applying enough pressure the golf club will twist and rotate during the swing.

Grips tend to wear out, so it is just as important to make sure that you are not playing with worn out grips. Grips become thin and shiny through normal wear and tear, and a tired or worn out grip will not provide the traction you need to keep the golf club stable throughout your swing. Replacing grips is easy and inexpensive and can make a world of difference in your golf game.

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By Joe Conde

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