The Best Golf Shafts

How do you find The Best Golf Shafts?The Best Golf Shafts

Here at Better Golf Clubs, we offer a complete range of custom golf club fitting, from a simple shaft replacement, to building a whole set of clubs. This year, the ongoing surge of technology in shaft design has shown little slowdown, with new models promising more distance and control than before.

It is critical therefore to choose wisely, and always make your decisions based on what’s best for your swing. Choosing The Best Golf Shafts is a matter of first determining what you need. Do you want more distance? More control? Both? The variations of shafts available are crafted to meet specific demands, and the demands have to be matched with your needs.

The following video shows the correct process, and the one I use on all my shafts, for finding a shaft spine.

My process to determine the best golf shafts for you  is based on determining your optimum frequency, and designing a set of clubs optimized to your specific swing characteristics.
I then frequency profile, align and balance the shaft to ensure the club face is square at impact. The result is increased distance, and a more penetrating, more consistent ball flight.

The value I add, is that I follow a meticulous process, and work with you to build a club to your specifications. Selecting the best golf shafts for your game will ensure a set of clubs which will be optimized for accuracy and performance.

Just contact me to set up a time, and we can start the process. Get the Best Golf Shafts and the most out of your clubs now.

By Joe Conde

By Joe Conde

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