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How do you get Cheap Golf Clubs and Lower Your Handicap ??

Cheap Golf ClubsAre you having trouble with Accuracy and Distance ?? I certainly have. I have spent a lot of time and money trying to improve my golf game. I have probably bought about 50 sets of clubs and have spent thousands of dollars on lessons, but my game did not really improve. The golf industry is huge and growing every day. This multi-billion dollar industry wants you to believe, that all you need to improve is to have more lessons and buy the latest and greatest “new technology” golf clubs. My quest was to find Cheap Golf Clubs Without Compromising Quality.

So I created this website which shows you How To Save Money On Cheap Golf Clubs Without Compromising Quality. You Get Better Golf Clubs, Better Distance and Better Accuracy so the result is inevitably a Lower Handicap!!

Having a custom built set of clubs will save you money, you will play better golf and you will have the confidence of knowing your clubs are set up perfectly for you

Cheap Golf Clubs start with selecting the correct shaft, head and grip and putting them together with the right alignment, trim and length. I combine all the elements of building a custom golf club into a seamless design to increase accuracy and performance.

Many golf pros know how difficult it is to master the complex techniques that they are teaching you, and that you will have to keep coming back in search of the perfect swing. The golf industry exploits this by convincing you that new technology will solve all your problems, and has been capitalizing on it for years. What they don’t tell you is that the clubs you buy off the rack are fitted with low quality shafts, are over designed to correct swing flaws, and do nothing towards helping your natural game.

I took lessons every week, and spent hours on the range. But nothing seemed to improve. I kept buying new clubs in the hope that it would all come together, and that I would find that perfect set of clubs that would propel me into single figures. After many lessons and many sets of golf clubs, and a lot of frustration, I worked out that my process was just not working. I wanted a set of Cheap Golf Clubs without compromising quality.

Alpha1Little did I know that my handicap was going to go from 11 to 18 and that two more sets of clubs later my handicap would go all the way up to 20, and I would hurt my back badly from too much practice. So I decided it was time to do something different.

Yes you need to develop a sound repeatable swing, and you need to grove it in with lots of practice, but unless you have the right set of clubs to optimize your natural game, you are just wasting your time. I though like many others, that I needed more forgiving clubs. You do not need forgiving clubs; you need clubs that will play to your game. I work with you to build these clubs and you will save significant amounts to money and you will play a much better game. There is a huge difference, between a forgiving club, and a genuine game improvement club.

This is when I started to build my own clubs. I designed my whole process around building Cheap Golf Clubs that would capitalise on your natural game, I researched the golf club heads that are best suited for the various skills of golfers, I learnt about the correct shafts to use, and the right grips, and I studied from the masters on how to put it all together

If you spend a lot of money looking for golf clubs that are expensive and do not perform the way they should, this is your cue. What I offer is a comprehensive process to designing the right club, and fitting it correctly, and not buying what the shops want to sell you at a very inflated price.

A lot of us do not hit a ball properly because we do not have the right club. Custom Fitting is not about measuring your wrist to floor, hitting a few shots into a net, and getting the next club off the rack. Custom Fitting is about designing a golf club from the ground up, selecting the right heads, shaft and grip, and saving significant amounts of money in the process. You can save up to 50% of the cost of a set of clubs, and end up with clubs which will give you a much more consistent game with a lot more accuracy and distance, and overall a much more enjoyable experience.

In fact, with what you got on eBay for your old set you are a long way towards buying a new set of clubs Custom Fitted to your Specifications. And if you are new to eBay, I will sell your old clubs for you.

Good Golf is about consistency. With consistency, you feel better, play better, and score better. Most of the good players have consistency. They have total confidence in their equipment, and concentrate on the shot. Their focus is on the shot, not on the equipment.

Get your Cheap Golf Clubs here and now and save hundreds of dollars on the right clubs.

By Joe Conde

By Joe Conde

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