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Better Golf ClubsAt Better Golf Clubs we manage the art of golf club fitting and engineer the science into your golf clubs to optimize your performance.

Most of the golfers I know want to hit the ball longer, straighter, and in the hole quicker. The experts say you have to master the left and right brains to play the game properly. You need therefore to hone your skills, and craft technology into your equipment to exploit your full potential.

The club head design, combined with the golf shaft frequency, torque, and kick point, as well as the grip, will determine how your golf club will perform. Every smart golfer should determine their unique Blueprint or combination of these elements, and integrate them into their golf clubs. Only then are they likely to obtain significant game improvement on a consistent basis.

At Better Golf Clubs we design golf clubs which will deliver the club face square at impact and achieve optimum club head speed.  We work with you to determine the frequency, torque, and kick point that will suit your game, and build a set of clubs to optimize these parameters.

Using the right golf shaft will make a difference to your game, and aligning it correctly will greatly increase your chance of the club face being square at impact. Better Golf Clubs will select the right shaft for you and align it according to current Best Practice. Choosing the right shaft for your driver can result in better golf clubs and significantly improved performance over using stock shafts that may or may not be suited to your swing.

In simple terms to get Better Golf Clubs, you need the the best golf shafts you can justify, as these are the ones which will optimize your golf shots. The shaft is not the engine of the club, it is the transmission. You are the driving force behind the golf club’s movement, and the right shaft can affect how well you transfer the energy of your body into the golf ball.

The following video shows the merit of having a shaft aligned correctly.

To improve your golf swing you need practice and coaching. To improve your golf clubs you need to match them to your specs. Better Golf Clubs may not be able to give you a better swing, but we can certainly work on giving you a better golf club.

The time is now, contact me to set up a time, and get started on your blueprint right now. Better Golf Clubs will design a club for you which will give you the confidence at address to play a smooth and powerful stroke which will be the envy of your fellow golfers.Or you may just want to consider  a new shaft upgrade. Click here to get your Better Golf Clubs started.

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By Joe Conde

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